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    Ecological Diaper bag with included accessories - ideal for parents with a newborn

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Our mission:

Our challenge is to create the ultimate bags for moms. Designed from the get go to be functional, aesthetic, and the lightest ones in the world, our bags are available in a wide variety of designs and are come with many accessories that meet the needs and desires of the whole family.

6 reasons to choose CiPU

The lightest bags in the world

Our bags' minimal weight greatly reduces pressure on your shoulders, leaving you stress-free at the end of the day.

Smart storage

Useful meets beautiful. Designed with 13 wide and convenient compartments, CiPU bags make every moms and kids' lives much easier.


A special and lightweight material that combines waterproofness and lightness. Multiple zipped pockets inside and outside that stay dry and safe.

Easy to clean

When they get a little dirty, just a light brushing with a mild detergent are enough to keep your bag clean!

Unique and stylish design

Discover a unique piece that will make every mom even cooler than ever.

Intertek Certified

In a constant effort to improve, CiPU has decided to adapt the Intertek standard in order to guarantee consistency of manufacture and quality beyond the French and European requirements.